Meier Partners creates uplifting architecture that is both vital and enduring, generating exceptional experiences for clients and communities.

From your first approach, a Meier Partners building brings serenity and joy. We see every project as a unique opportunity for expression, one that combines multiple layers of purpose and meaning. Our emphasis on lyrical composition, our passion for exquisite materiality, and our reverence for natural light can be effectively applied to buildings of all scales and types, ensuring that each one coheres into the uplifting experience that is the hallmark of our architecture. Whether you live or work in one of our buildings or you are simply a visitor, our architecture has the capacity to move you and to offer an unforgettable experience. We are also deeply committed to the idea that every project should engage in an eloquent dialogue with its surroundings, and we strive for architecture that has a positive social and environmental impact on the communities in which it is built. Above all, each of our buildings offers an unparalleled experience of space and its relationship to place.

Environmental Impact

Architecture is a social art. We strive to create generous, optimistic architecture that is committed to civic culture. By designing immersive environments that are considered down to the last detail, we create architecture that will have a meaningful impact on its users and its surroundings. Buildings constructed according to good design principles—especially those that provide an abundance of natural light—have tangible benefits for the wellbeing of those who live and work within them, and we are committed to raising awareness of these benefits through a range of outreach initiatives that share our expertise with a broad audience.

In addition to our pioneering emphasis on natural lighting, the studio exhibits leadership in all aspects of sustainable design, from the reduction of energy and water consumption to the use of renewable materials and the integration of state-of-the-art mechanical systems to optimize occupant comfort. Sustainability has always been integral to our approach. We believe that a well-designed building is in harmony with its environment, and a key part of establishing a powerful sense of place is making a positive contribution to its future. Our projects consistently exceed LEED standards, and several recent projects have achieved some of the highest levels of occupant wellness and environmental efficiency in the world.


Whatever their setting, our buildings establish an iconic presence. The studio’s architecture is timeless yet also always instantly recognizable, characterized by stunning compositions, soaring forms, and elegant proportions. The undeniable visual impact of our buildings also lends them a profound symbolic power, granting them the ability to embody powerful ideas and capture the spirit of a place.

Yet the visual qualities of our buildings are ultimately about experience more than aesthetics. It is through the poetic expression of light and space, structure and form, that we create uplifting experiences and lasting memories. Our projects create centers of culture and connection, places that people want to spend time in and want to return to again and again.

Social Impact

We strive to create transformative architecture at all scales. Our buildings engage in a thoughtful dialogue with their surroundings, and each one is a harmonious whole whose influence is felt well beyond its walls. A the urban scale, our projects consistently revitalize city fabric, establish new public spaces, and foster the growth of culture and community. At the human scale, each project is an immersive environment that engages and uplifts its occupants, creating buildings that are a joy to live, work, and spend time in.

We seek to reinforce and expand the positive impact of our work through a range of outreach initiatives, which include thought leadership programs, the support of ongoing research projects, and our Illuminating Design project, which explores the role of light in our buildings, in the built environment at large, and in improving public health and wellbeing. All of these initiatives are guided by Meier Partners' commitment to making a meaningful contribution to the future of our field.