Meier Partners approach is intensely collaborative. Led by a core team of highly accomplished designers with many decades of collective experience, the firm’s New York Studio employs a multinational staff of vibrant professionals who have provided comprehensive design services in 20 countries, working in 16 languages, and who are ready to engage with clients anywhere in the world.

The studio thrives by embracing diversity, and believes that each project reaches its full potential by incorporating a wide range of perspectives. Meier Partners encourages designers to participate across all phases of each project, ensuring that each team member plays a holistic role and has a comprehensive understanding of the entire project.  This comprehensive approach is crucial for the mentorship and education of the young architects on staff, and helps Meier Partners train well-rounded designers who are poised to make multi-faceted contributions to a wide array of projects.  

This studio structure also has a direct benefit for the firm’s clients, because principals play a hands-on role across the entire scope of every project, and all team members are equally accessible. The studio’s expert teams and close-knit community offer a more personalized approach that can be customized across all aspects of project realization, from the initial concept design to interiors, custom furniture and lighting, FF&E, graphics, art curation, and identity.