Fifth Avenue Apartment

A cutting edge interiors project marries a clean modernist aesthetic with warm textures and finishes to create an intimate and inviting home in the heart of the city.

This 2500-square-foot pied-a-terre occupies a full floor in the tower of the iconic Sherry-Netherland Hotel.  The project exemplifies the application of Meier Partners celebrated design approach to an urban residence, with an open floor plan and raised ceilings celebrating the light and views offered by the project’s prime location.

The design strategically transforms the original layout to maximize the extraordinary views of Central Park offered by the tower’s location on Fifth Avenue.   A carefully selected palette of materials is combined with clean, modern detailing to re-interpret the landmark building’s refined elegance for a contemporary dwelling.  The heart of the apartment is an expansive, flowing space created by combining a series of rooms that had been separate in the original layout.  This contains a living area, informal seating, and a dining area adjacent to the open kitchen, all surrounded by panoramic views of the park.

This design provides a remarkable modern setting in which to exhibit the owners’ world class art collection.  A grand open space, extends the length of the tower along Fifth Avenue, is unified by a custom Anegre wood bookcase that exhibits an extraordinary collection of art objects, while carefully positioned integral colored plaster walls allow for the display of art without disrupting the apartment’s stunning Central Park views.