Gagosian Gallery and Expansion

A fresh new space energizes the brand of an iconic gallery.

This adaptive reuse of a retail space, situated in the commercial center of Beverly Hills, is designed to expand Gagosian Gallery’s existing exhibition and office spaces, which were designed by Meier Partners in 1995.  The new addition embodies the elegant spaces and refined lighting that Gagosian Gallery is known for, yet departs from the white-cube model of the gallery’s other locations through the expressive reuse of an existing barrel-vault roof.

The new gallery space utilizes skylights to balance daylight from the north and south to support a diverse range of installations. The expansive walls can accommodate even exceptionally large artworks, while providing a quality of light that is consistent with the other Gagosian Gallery spaces. The glazed facade along the street blends seamlessly with the existing Gallery and provides pedestrians with a glimpse into the dynamic interior.  A single glass and aluminum overhead door at the street allows oversized artwork to be unloaded directly into the gallery and allows the exhibition space to connect directly to the bustling Beverly Hills sidewalk.

The design takes full advantage of the valuable site, including an inventive concept for an occupiable roof.  This level of the building includes a sculpture terrace that provides a unique outdoor setting for installations and offers views of the city and the surrounding Hollywood Hills.