Grotta Residence

Pure geometry and a masterful composition redefine the character of a pristine wooded site.

Sited near the top of a seven-acre sloped clearing framed by forest, this house was designed for a couple that collects native crafts.  The interior balances spaces for the display of their collection with spaces with spectacular views to the landscape. The geometry of the design creates two perpendicular axes extending outward from the center of the house, thereby linking the interior volumes into the landscape and according the house a locus within the open expanse of the site.

The house is composed around a central cylindrical double-height space, which interplays with the orthogonal geometry of the surrounding volumes. The overlaps and voids in this geometric relationship are manifest on multiple levels, which define both the living areas of the house and places for exhibiting the objects in the owner’s collection, all while maintaining an expansive flow of open space.

Located immediately inside the main entry, a perpendicular sky-lit staircase connects the two floors of the house, establishing a strong axis that leads to a passerelle outside to the upper garden and anchors the house to its pastoral site.