Neugebauer House

An exquisitely crafted home on a one-of-a-kind waterfront site offers unmatched serenity and harmony with nature.

Situated in a prestigious residential community on a one-and-a-half-acre waterfront site, this house faces southwest over Doubloon Bay. The house has been designed to maximize waterfront views, and the architecture has also been integrated into a comprehensive landscape design—including a winding, palm-lined avenue approaching the house and a square grove of 25 palm trees—to create a harmonious total experience.

One approaches the wedge-shaped site along a winding avenue and across a turfed forecourt that has been reinforced to allow pedestrians and cars to circulate across the greensward at will. Beyond, concealing the water, lies the horizontal façade of the house itself, richly clad in massive limestone slabs backed and by a concrete frame and masonry structure. Pierced at regular intervals by vertical slot windows, the façade conceals a wide, top-lit access corridor running the length of the building, which acts as a spine organizing the domestic programs and unifying the interior spaces of the house .

The iconic profile of the house is established by a cantilevered butterfly roof. While playfully satisfying the community requirement for a pitched roof, this structure also reinforces the house’s orientation toward the water, allowing the main volumes of the residence—including both sleeping and living spaces—to be arranged in a linear formation that affords each room an impressive view over the lap pool to the bay beyond.