Pankrac City Master Plan

A cohesive superblock interweaves modern business, retail and entertainment zones in a multi-functional development project.

The plan maximizes opportunities inherent in the site, carefully responding to the size, location, and characteristics of the land and the existing buildings, while also thoughtfully accommodating the anticipated programs well into the future. The design is structured around a framework of pedestrian and vehicular circulation that minimizes loads on public infrastructure, while seamlessly integrating public spaces that complete the urban fabric of the district.

The development’s elevated site is visible from all approaches, and the master plan takes full advantage of this prominence. Meier Partners has already completed four buildings on the site: City Point, City Tower, City Green Court, and the Parkview Office Building to complement other new office and residential buildings, a new shopping center, entertainment facilities, and parking, collectively creating a vibrant new urban center.  

The heart of the project is the recently completed Parkview Office Building, a nine-story, U-shaped building organized around a hyper-sustainable atrium envisioned as a green urban enclave. Seamlessly integrated into the master plan, this design creates an iconic image that represents a vital and modern part of the city with a lasting addition to the skyline of Prague.