Torre Cuarzo on Reforma

A striking tower presenting a new office typology in the heart of Mexico City while remaining sensitive to the rich architectural heritage of the metropolis.

The firm’s design offers a dynamic response to Mexico City’s thriving economy and culture. Sitting boldly along Paseo de la Reforma—a distinguished Boulevard designed to commemorate the history of the Americas that has become a major commercial thoroughfare cutting diagonally across the city—the development is a mixed-use building complex designed by the firm in collaboration with local architects Diametro Arquitectos, who also acted as the project’s developer. The iconic image of the new buildings establishes a vital relationship with the existing fabric of Mexico City while also creating a strikingly original visual statement that defies traditional tower typologies.

The new development is comprised of two buildings unified by a shared base. A 40-story mixed-use tower accommodates a range of programs, including high-end offices, retail space, restaurants, a fitness center, and space for parking. A 27-floor tower, following the same design principles as its counterpart, complements the activities of the complex. The overall design of the project considers current urban constraints while simultaneously accounting for the possibility of future development.

A central void, strategically carved through the tower volume, allows the building’s structure and program to be redistributed into unconventional yet efficient configurations maximizing access to daylight across all the spaces.  The novel possibilities of this internal logic are enhanced by additional volumetric cut-outs on the building’s exterior, maximizing natural light and ventilation throughout the offices within while also emphasizing views of the historic city center.