Xin-Yi Residential Tower

An urban landmark in the heart of a cultural and economic center offers a cosmopolitan lifestyle for the 21st century.

Commissioned by the Continental Development Corporation, the Xin-Yi Residential Tower sets a new precedent in Taipei as a private building that dedicates much of its site to the public realm. The project is distinguished not only by the sophistication of its architectural form but by the civic values it expresses by offers a generous public space amidst the dense heart of the city.

The design of the 127-meter-high tower is founded upon principles of geometric clarity and openness that are reflected in both its horizontal and vertical organization. The building consists of two complementary volumes, a transparent south volume and a solid north volume. Oriented along a distinct east-west axis on Xin-Yi Road, both volumes follow an organizational grid that respects the characteristics of the site through its dialogue with the scale and form of the surrounding urban context. The ground plane is a continuation of the urban fabric that becomes an open landscape where the base of the tower is immersed in a field of trees and sculptures by international artists.

From top to bottom, the project was conceived in a dynamic exchange with its urban context. The articulated lower and upper volumes of the tower create a massing and proportion in harmony with the surrounding buildings, while the organization of the ground plane establishes continuity with the city’s fabric by immersing the base of the tower in a field of trees and sculptures by international artists. This careful attention to context imbues project with civic value by offering a generous public space in the heart of the city.