Ana Meier


Ana Meier has a deep understanding of the firm’s legacy and visionary design. Today, she plays an important role as an advisor to the firm – primarily as a voice of the next generation and in shepherding the firm into the next phase of its evolution. This involves strategy and vision and in particular the firm’s relationship to social responsibility and research. She has worked with the firm to create a unique research initiative titled Illuminating Design, which seeks to gain a deeper understanding of the role of light in human health and its impact on mood and emotion. This research project seeks to address how Meier buildings make you feel. When you are in a Meier building you feel elevated, optimistic, uplifted and that is in large part due to the masterful use of daylight. Meier Partners will now use research to quantify and understand this phenomenon in more concrete terms.

Ana has a long history in the investigation of art, design, and the making of space as a designer in her native New York City. Her earliest work focused on both abstract visual art and architecture. With the elegance and ease that marked her first collection of furniture, under MEIER/FERRER. Ana’s more recent work, as Creative Director of lighting company Meier Light, continues to strike the balance between simplicity and luxury, creating beautiful living environments for our time. Ana is a graduate of Harvard University, and holds a B.A. in the History of Art and Architecture.


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