685 Sales Office

An elegant storefront offers prospective buyers an exclusive preview of one of New York’s most sought after new residential towers.

Designed in close collaboration with the developer of 685 First Avenue, Solow Reality, this remote sales space was designed while the building was still under construction as a tool that would give prospective buyers a powerful sense of what it would be like to occupy the completed building.

The sales office was conceived as a microcosm of the overall building, faithfully communicating the aesthetic of Meier Partners’ design with a hand-picked selection of finish materials, furniture, fixtures, and equipment that is representative of both the lobby space and the interiors of the individual units. In addition to the marketing spaces and a sample unit, which includes a full kitchen complete with marble counters, the sales office incorporates workspace and conference rooms for the developer’s sales team.

The materials and finishes on view are complemented by an exhibition of a carefully curated series of renderings of the building interior and exterior, as well as a large-scale presentation model.