On Prospect Park Sales Center

A landmark condominium boasts one-of-a-kind panoramic views encompassing everything from Prospect Park and the Manhattan Skyline to the Statue of Liberty.

The base of the building respects the existing scale and diversity of the immediate context by filling out the city block, while the tower lends landmark stature to the building within the broader urban setting. The condominium contains a mixture of apartments, which ranging in size from 1,050-square-foot one-bedroom apartments to 2,050-square-foot three-bedroom apartments to duplex penthouse apartments.  Nearly all apartments have balconies, each distinguished by spectacular views. There are eight private rooftop gardens, with one garden featuring park views available to all tenants.

The building’s arresting form—a monumental sculpture in glass—promotes maximum transparency while reflecting the variety of the surrounding context. Natural sunlight animates this building, lending vitality to the surrounding streetscape, landscape, and community.