Central Park South Tower Proposal

A bold proposal for a unique supertall structure in a one-of-a-kind location on Central Park South.

The slender form of the proposed tower emerged from Meier Partner’s desire to create a singular, striking profile in the New York skyline that would simultaneously offer an interior layout capable of maximize floor area and optimizing the incomparable views to Central Park.  The tower’s striking white metal panels and its elegantly simple geometry embody the distinctive aesthetic of the studio.

All units in the proposed tower would have open views to Central Park through full height floor-to-ceiling windows, and all but the lowest floors would have terraces facing the park. Each unit also was also designed with direct elevator access and a wide range of amenities, including a 75 foot, daylit swimming pool, private dining rooms, and a wine cellar. With lightness and transparency in mind, the skin of the tower is conceived as a rich modular composition of clear and special frit glass, and white metal panels. Rather than a flat white color, the metal panels were designed with an iridescent coating that would change its color and apparent depth depending on daylight conditions and angle of view, lending a subtle rhythmic movement to the entire building. The north facade, directly facing the park, is designed to be as open as possible with an ultra-clear curtain wall.

Each of the tower’s 53 stories was conceived as an extra-tall, loft-like space, and each floor was divided into only two units. These features allowed the design of extraordinarily spacious residences while also giving the building delicate proportions and a sense of scale in harmony with its surroundings.