City Green Court

A new model for contemporary office space takes the form of a cubist-inspired masterpiece.

The third of a cluster of buildings designed by Meier Partners, City Green Court completes the Radio Plaza superblock located in the Pankrác area of Prague. The building anchors its corner site by offering a graceful contrast to the surrounding buildings, while its overall massing remains in close dialogue with its broader urban context.

The eight-story building and its office space is organized around a central skylit atrium. On the south façade, a grand canopy marks the formal entrance to the building, while the southwest and northeast corners of the building are eroded to create intimate public arcades. These cuts, mirrored along a diagonal from northwest to southeast, are echoed by the parti of the curtain wall to suffuse the entire composition with a subtle dynamism. In addition to its highly efficient building envelope, key sustainable features include natural ventilation of the atrium during the summer, state-of-the-art mechanical systems, reduction of water runoff and storm water collection, a green roof, indoor air quality control, and the use of local and recycled materials.

Inspired by the ideas of the Czech Cubists, the building’s design utilizes a radical combination of solid planes and angled fins to create a dramatic dynamism in the building’s façades. This distinctive composition of vertical solid panels and fins emerge from both the south and west facades to effectively control solar heat gain while providing bounced daylight and greater comfort within the interiors. The fins, in turn, which are angled according to the sun’s orientation, give the building’s surface a singular dynamic rhythm, texture and articulation.