Coffee Plaza

A dynamic office complex enriches an ambitious redevelopment within Hamburg’s new industrial port.

Located in Hamburg’s HafenCity, Coffee Plaza is a center for international coffee trade. The project includes the headquarters for Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, housed in a 12-story, oval-shaped tower, along with two additional office buildings, underground parking and a large public plaza. Situated on a podium overlooking a prominent park, the tower creates a partition between the existing greenspace and the new urban plaza, harmoniously integrating the new development into its surroundings and cementing HafenCity’s status as a business, commercial, and cultural center for the 21st century.

The design for the new headquarters building marks the extension of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe’s strategy of sustainable coffee growing into the realm of architecture, providing the company with an iconic sustainable building and offering its employees a healthy and productive work environment. The tower is complemented by two additional structures, each comprising of a ground floor for retail use, six upper-floor levels, and a roof terrace as well as two subterranean levels designated for parking and technical spaces. The relationship of the buildings to the urban context and the scale of the neighborhood is of vital importance, with the three buildings rising from the elevated plaza to delineate a large city block, establishing a sense of place and community.

The oval-shaped building challenges typical tower conventions, embodying new ideas about scale, space, and collaboration in the workplace. The oval configuration is a new take on the minimal floor plate, with an emphasis on minimizing circulation space while improving the visual and physical connections between the office workers. This form also allows for maximizing internal natural light and ventilation within the center of the office floor spaces, improving transparency and emphasizing the views of the historic city.