ENI Headquarters Competition

An elegant atrium acts as an extension of the natural landscape, bringing light, air, and greenery into the office environment.

Situated within the heart of the dynamic business district of Metanopoli, in San Donato Milanese, this project sensitively responds to its context.  The architectural forms emerge from a dialogue with the surrounding city, and their open geometry creates a new urban connection between the north and south of the site while also creating a series of generous outdoor spaces for the ENI staff.

The architectural parti for the ENI Headquarters is six blocks and two atriums connected by a central spine. Each block is a building wing enclosed in a pristine glass envelope containing office spaces. The blocks vary from transparent to translucent to solid white, creating an artful composition that highlights the central wing. The composition is anchored by a pristine box of white concrete along the main entry thoroughfare (Viale de Gasperi), which is translucent at its base but slowly transforms to a solid white concrete top that hovers over a green vegetative wall. The white concrete, an innovation from the Italian cement company, Italcementi, breaks down pollution as a photocatalytic reaction with the sun’s UV rays.  This sustainable product will reduce CO2 levels within the complex by providing a protective screen from Viale de Gasperi traffic.

A series of six-story-high open atria are architecturally integral to the three buildings within this headquarters complex, linking them with a continuous path and creating a healthy, sustainable, and interactive environment that is ideal for gathering and exchange.