Fire Island House

Intimate architecture transforms an exceptional bayside property into a harmonious composition of land, house, and sea.

Located on a private waterfront site along the beach in Fair Harbor on Fire Island, this residence is conceived as totally open to the surrounding landscape and the ocean. Views of the site are framed between the raised platform of the main level and the horizontal roof overhang, creating a direct connection between the home’s interior and the natural surrounds.

The main house extends across the site connecting to a garden, a swimming pool and accessory pool pavilions. These auxiliary elements are carefully composed to maximize the feeling of openness within the site, while the project’s material palette is minimal and understated, with an emphasis on lightness and transparency—glass, wood, and white finishes reflect the natural colors and beauty of the surrounding bay.

The windows, curtain wall, and skylights of the house are composed of transparent, high-performance solar glazing with white aluminum mullions and transoms. This elegant combination emphasizes the interplay of light and shadow across the terraces and fills the residence with an airy yet intimate atmosphere.