Flying Point Residence

A unique coastal site, embraced by water on two sides, inspires the pure geometry of a minimalist design.

Located on a narrow site, this private residence is situated between the Atlantic Ocean to the South and the Mecox Bay to the North. The building components and the interior spaces are organized to take advantage of the views to the water, while the main circulation pathway interconnecting the interior spaces uses strategically framed views to link each space back to the bay and the ocean. The house opens up toward the water on two sides, and with its view of the ever-changing Mecox Bay and the endless Atlantic Ocean the house draws the surrounding sky and nature into a rich and dynamic spatial composition.

The progression through the site begins with a set of steps that lead up to the pool house. Ascending these stairs reveals dramatic views of the bay; continuing south along the main circulation walkway leads to a bridge connecting to the main house at the entry level and opening onto a glass vestibule. The second floor is accessed through a vertically contained grand stair that is animated with natural light by a continuous vertical louvered slot and skylight above. This level contains the main domestic spaces, including two bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining area, and a double-height living room, while the upper level houses another bedroom and the master bedroom, along with its bathroom and wardrobe. All areas of the house open up to exterior decks with a system of folding and sliding doors that bring light and breeze from the ocean, blurring the divisions between the architecture and the nature around the site.

The exterior is clad in white plaster in combination with an aluminum curtain-wall system. Various horizontal and vertical louvers provide shade and a play of shadows on the facade throughout the day, underscoring natural light as the defining element of the design.