Gardone Residence

A stunning villa makes the most of a remarkable lakeside site.

The house is part of a series of exclusive homes in the Gardone Riviera designed by a curated selection of notable architecture firms from Europe and the US. The residence is located on a prominent site hillside site facing Lake Garda, enjoying unique views of the water and the surrounding alpine landscape.

The villas’ design is a thoughtful synthesis of its visual relationship with the local architecture and its physical location within the lakeside topography.  Two rectangular solids, perpendicular to each other, are nestled into the steep hillside.  The living room and bedrooms are located within the top volume in order to maximize the views toward the lake and also to take advantage of southern exposure and natural light. In contrast, the lower base consists of a garage which opens towards the access road. These volumes are then lifted apart from one another creating an intermediate level, which serves at the main entrance.

Generous outdoor terraces are integrated into every level of the house. Their size and orientation respond to the program of the adjacent interiors and to the topography of the site, maximizing privacy while providing continuously varied views to the residents.