Oxfordshire Residence

A 21st century reinterpretation of the historical typology of the English Manor House offers a richness of spatial experience both timeless and contemporary.

The siting of the house is notable not only for the views afforded and the expansiveness of the surrounding landscape, but also for the compelling purity, beauty, and extraordinary natural resources that demarcate the Oxfordshire countryside. The design of this country residence is based on three guiding principles: an engaging response to the site, a resonant connection with the history of the place, and a vital progression toward sustainability. Crucially, sustainability is understood here both in its contemporary meaning—emphasizing conservation, emission reduction, and renewable energy—and its traditional meaning, which is to say that this home is intended to stand the test of time.

The design is inspired by the typology of the English Manor House and espouses many of the tenets behind this ideal: this is a family home which honors the woodlands and the topography, drawing the occupant into a relationship with the natural world while creating distinguished spaces for comfortable living. Above all, the design seeks to integrate the surrounding landscape and views into its identity, bringing a natural balance to the relationship between building and landscape.

Both the structure and materiality of the house are a direct response to the makeup of the site. The solidity of the back of the house effectively mirrors the density of the surrounding woodlands, while the lucidity of the glass in the front façade embraces the openness of the landscape beyond. Within the house, the layering of the programmatic and structural elements is designed to complement the light and views specific to every vantage point, creating breathtaking interior spaces.