Jesolo Lido Condominium

A sleek oceanfront building provides stunning condominiums in one of Italy’s most prominent seaside resorts.

Jesolo Lido Condominium is linked to Jesolo Village—also designed by Meier Partners—by a common architectural language and an open entrance plaza, creating a spatial dialogue between the two projects.

A crucial component of Meier Partner’s phased master plan for the larger Jesolo Village, the Condominium establishes an oceanfront high-rise counterpart to the low-rise Village set slightly inland. The ground floors of the Condominium building consist of six apartments with private gardens, a spa area and a concierge. The top level of the building is dedicated to five distinct duplex penthouse units, each with its own outdoor pool. The overall volume of the building is simple and clean, creating an iconic silhouette. 

As in the rest of the Village, this project uses an artful combination of solids and voids, complemented by a brise-soleil system running continuously along the East and West elevations, to create stunning plays of light and shadow that are particularly animated at dusk and dawn.