Two towers inspired by the surrounding mountains and landscape reflect the many forms of natural beauty converging on their site.

Taking full advantage of an exceptional setting nestled between by mountains and the majestic gardens of the adjacent Chico Park, the two towers comprising Vitrvm are contextually inspired by the beauty of their surroundings. The massing of both towers also responds to their internal programmatic requirements, including the relationship with immediate context, views to the exterior, and the privacy required for each unit. Harmoniously balancing these internal and external relationships, Vitrvm’s inspiring residences offer a new beacon in the vibrant urban setting of Bogotá

Both towers rise 13-stories and together contain a total of 36 apartments. The interiors of each residence are designed in a manner complementary to the overall architectural concept, incorporating a palette of rich materials with subtle textures and colors, solids and voids. Exquisitely crafted details in natural materials such stone and wood—establishing a foundation of earth tones in both smooth and textured surfaces—contrast with the architecture’s lighter color palette of whites, grays and expansive glass, all highlighted by bright artwork and modern furniture.

The project is distinguished by the fact that each tower has a singular form, each with a unique expression. Tower 1 is a prismatic structure articulated by distinct folds and carved surfaces, while Tower 2 is an almost rectangular shape defined by two punctuated planes. The massing of each tower, while tailored to its internal programmatic requirements and the balance between views and privacy required for each individual unit, remains in constant dialogue with the other.