Jesolo Lido Village

An intimate residential enclave blended seamlessly into its Adriatic beach context.

Carefully integrated into both its natural and architectural surroundings, Jesolo village integrates a three-story residential building with the adjacent residential fabric. Organized around a spine running from north to south, the project creates a new viewing corridor and a public access walkway to the beachfront.  

Jesolo Lido Village consists of a long rectangular residential building with retail space on the ground floor facing a central plaza, and two rows of apartments of different sizes ranged along either side of a swimming pool and park space. A typical residential module combines one-bedroom and two-bedroom units on three floors with a common external stair and small garden courts at grade. This module provides for an alternation of volumes and voids, with a brise-soleil system that runs continuously along the elevation facing the swimming pool. At dawn and dusk the spectacular Adriatic light filters through the voids between the residences.  

The thoughtful architecture of the village is complemented by a carefully curated landscape design. Paved courts and water features mix with existing trees and new planting to create a fluid, lyrical park that progresses in an elegant sequence of gardens, terraces, and pools, stretching out to the Adriatic Sea.