Liberty Plaza

A bold urban gesture engages its context to celebrate a unique natural environment.

Located in the Santa Fe district of Mexico City on a site overlooking the Mexico City valley with stunning views toward the surrounding volcanic mountains, Liberty Plaza is a mixed-use building complex comprised of three towers that combines commercial office space, retail space, and a hotel.  Each tower has been carefully positioned to follow the natural undulation of the site.  The complex is conceptualized as three carved and shaped prisms, each unique in its massing and in constant dialogue with the others and with the surrounding terrain.

Two of the towers contain office space, and these have been configured with open floor plates designed to maximize efficiency and the quality of the space. A typical floor is arranged with the core placed to the north, freeing the south, east, and west for office interiors with premium views and daylight. The towers are separated to allow for construction phasing but linked by a conference center that acts as a bridge on the second floor, connecting the two as a single entity.  The W Santa Fe Hotel occupies the third tower, anchoring the eastern corner of the site, incorporating lush public terraces and inviting gardens to establish the centerpiece of a new business district. 

The south facades of the two office towers feature articulated screens of clear and reflective glass pulled forward from the prismatic volumes of both buildings.  The hotel’s facades, in turn, are articulated with operable windows behind striking louvers, establishing it as a formal sibling to the office towers.  The materiality and color of each building will allow the appearance of its exterior surfaces to transform throughout the day in response to viewing angles and shifting sunlight.