Luxembourg Residence

The harmonious integration of an elegant house into pastoral site affords seclusion and panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

The site for this private house is a sloped, wooded property located in a quiet area outside the city center.  A masterful composition allows the harmonious combination of both private and communal living spaces within the overall program of the house, while two hallmarks of Meier Partners residential design—the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces and the celebration of abundant natural light—are achieved through a series of generous terraces and carefully designed openings selectively introduced into the building envelope.

The main volume of the house is a striking glass prism, L-shaped to separate its program into distinct spatial zones. This translucent volume is enveloped by an opaque plane on the south and east sides, shielding the property from the street and neighboring houses and creating a dynamic dialogue between light and material within in the interstitial space bridging the interior and exterior.  The lower level of the house is carved into the site on the north side, opening to a sloped yard that elegantly anchors the building into the landscape.

The glass façade surrounding both zones of the main volume of the house incorporates structural elements and louvers into a carefully composed rhythm to create a sensation of movement that is independent of yet balanced by the solid elements within.