Stuttgart Apartments

Conceived as a large house rather than an aggregation of individual units by introducing exceptionally harmonious condominium design.

Located on a triangular plot of land on a hillside in the north of Stuttgart, the condominium building fits seamlessly into a residential area consisting primarily of 2-3 story freestanding residences. The design responds with equal grace to the surrounding architecture and the topographical context, providing maximum open space and natural light while also nodding respectfully to the local building traditions.   

The building consists of six levels: four residential levels, one underground parking level, and a basement level with adjoining rooms. The required setback line determines its orientation in east-west direction. The building is oriented with its public spaces to the south, granting them a panoramic view over Stuttgart, and all apartments have private access to generous outdoor space in the form of terraces and balconies.   

Gardens are a key feature of the single and multi-family family residences in the area, and the tower’s design acknowledges this architectural tradition with a generous communal garden that occupies a prime location on the hilly site.