Oaks Prague Villas

Sumptuous materials and stunning landscape views are combined to create new villa prototypes that augment a high-end resort development.

The Oaks Prague Villas are located on opposite ends of the Oaks Frontline Apartments, also designed by Meier Partners, which occupy a prominent position within the Oaks Prague Development, a private residential community nestled in the Czech countryside. The two villas complement the Frontline Apartments while also contributing to the residential fabric of the development.  As other iconic houses designed by MeierPartners, the interior spaces of both villas culminate in dramatic double-height living areas, which frame sweeping views of the stunning natural beauty of the site.   

A distinct parti defines each villa prototype. One design expresses a simple linear mass oriented to maximize views towards the neighboring golf course, while the second reflects a more compact structure based on a dynamic juxtaposition of planes and volumes. In both schemes, semi-public areas such as the living room, dining room, kitchen and family room are located on the main floor, while the private quarters are situated on the upper level. Outdoor amenities for each villas include a landscaped garden as well as an outdoor pool and a fireplace. These meticulously designed elements extend the interior rooms into the surrounding landscape and create a gradual transition to the nature around the site.

The development’s stringent planning regulations mandated a traditional pitched roof for the villas. Meier Partners’ solution is as simple as it is ingenious: a simple gable roof with a rotated ridge that reinterprets the pitched roof of Czech villages as a sculptural and distinctly contemporary structure. The dynamic geometry of each roof is accentuated by its distinctive materiality, with white composite panels cladding the inclined and vertical surfaces and blond oak panels lining the underside of the roof and folding it into the villa’s interior.