OCT Shenzhen Clubhouse

A quiet island enclave integrates gardens with a multi-use complex, creating exceptional gathering spaces and unique opportunities for socializing and relaxation.

The OCT Shenzhen Clubhouse consists of two buildings set on its own island on the southern edge of Shenzhen, a waterfront financial center north of Hong Kong. Amenities for members and their guests include a restaurant and a multi-purpose area for special events, as well as recreational facilities, a fitness center, and a small exhibition gallery. The programming of the club’s two buildings is complemented by the thoughtful design of the surrounding landscape and gardens, which are interspersed with meandering paths that evoke a strong sense of Chinese landscape philosophy and offer moments of contemplative solitude as well as vistas of the surrounding harbor.

The geometry of the main Clubhouse building follows a precise focal point from which layers of distinct spaces radiate, terminating in a sweeping curve that establishes an iconic visual image when seen from across the water. At the south end of the island, linked to the Clubhouse by an outdoor pathway and garden, the second building houses the Indoor Pool and Fitness Center. The simple geometry of this building contrasts with the adjacent Clubhouse in scale and form, finding a balance with the extroverted outline of the Clubhouse and energizing the dialogue between the two structures.  

This project is the firm’s first building to incorporate Corian panels as an exterior cladding façade material. Corian was chosen for its exceptional color, surface, and structural qualities. Used in combination with an innovative construction technique that allowed the assembly of exceptionally large panels, this material produced an almost seamless surface on the building exterior.