Rothschild Tower

Lightness and transparency set an inspiring precedent for sustainable and accessible design and express the optimism, openness, and energy of modern Tel Aviv.

This unique residential tower is anchored to Rothschild Boulevard in the heart of Tel Aviv’s White City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The neighborhood is filled with thousands of Bauhaus buildings dating back to the 1930s and 1940s, designed by German Jewish architects who began immigrating to Israel before WWII. The Boulevard itself is a gracious civic and cultural promenade that cuts through the White City under a beautiful urban canopy of shade trees, populated with a vibrant variety of restaurants, cafes, and pavilions. The tower’s design is inspired by the same Bauhaus principles that shaped the surrounding district. 

The project is composed of a gracefully simple 42-story residential tower lightly resting on a retail base. The Bauhaus-inspired design emphasizes functionality and a certain economy of means. The resulting tower shape maximizes the quality of natural light and views to the city and sea, while also producing an efficient assembly of service spaces around the core.  

Lightness and transparency of the tower and base are the primary goals of the design, reducing its apparent scale and mass and elegantly integrating it into the existing fabric along Rothschild Boulevard.

The building’s façade features a delicate louver screen that takes the form of an elegant white veil, inspired by the ventilated protective layers of traditional Middle Eastern clothing. In addition to protecting the building’s clear glass skin from the intense sun, the screen both defines and obscures the distinction between the public image of the building and the private realm within.