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Žižkov Centre Residential Complex Competition

A vibrant community in Prague incorporates a new urban garden concept.

Meier Partners’ proposal for a very large residential development in Prague was organized around the concept of an urban garden, envisioning a large central greenspace complemented by attractive retail space and thoughtfully designed residences interwoven with the surrounding landscape. The goal of the proposal was to create an iconic urban ensemble that would transform a former industrial district into a lively and exciting new neighborhood where residents can live, work, and play.

Meier Partners conceived of the development, located on a major intersection, as a contemporary update of the traditional European residential block, in which low-rise apartments surround a central courtyard. Here the dynamic geometry of a continuous building shapes an angular, undulating landscape. The urban garden is intended to be airy and generous, a natural setting attracting the public and residents alike with pathways through the residential block and ample spaces for community activities. Overall, the proposed design substantially exceeded the total green area requirement by code to provide a robust and healthy natural environment.

The sustainable enclave and extensive landscape design at ground level are complemented by a series of stepped roof gardens on the proposed residential building, creating a powerful visual unity across the complex.