Jesolo Beach Tower

Sensitive urbanism seamlessly integrates a new high-rise landmark into a traditional oceanfront resort.

Meier Partners has been working on the ongoing master plan of the Jesolo Lido Design District for nearly two decades, exemplifying the studio’s commitment to exceptional client relationships. Linked to its surroundings through a shared architectural language and carefully curated landscape design, the Jesolo Beach Tower rises 24 stories from a compact footprint to establish a new architectural and urban focal point at the heart of the development. 

The Jesolo Beach Tower is among the first high-rises approved for construction in Jesolo, and the core challenge of the project was integrating a building of nearly 85 meters into an urban fabric characterized primarily by single family residences. Meier Partners responded by sensitively situating the building at a key urban transition point, the apex of a curve in the main tree-lined avenue leading to the center of Jesolo. A trim footprint and a facade that increases in transparency near the tower base maximize the sense of porosity on the site, maintaining a strong visual connection between the ocean on one side and the city on the other.

From an urban perspective, each face of the building is equally important—while the East facade, facing the Adriatic, establishes the tower’s iconic presence along the oceanfront, the West facade, facing Jesolo, is the view the tower offers to the surrounding city.  Extraordinary care has therefore been taken to integrate the building’s circulation and MEP systems to avoid any appearance of a back facade, establishing all faces as primary. The tower also incorporates custom-designed solar panels integrated into both horizontal and vertical louvres, improving environmental performance while also adding a richly varied texture to the building envelope.