Oaks Prague Apartments

An elegant architectural composition within a prominent golf-resort sets a new standard for residential development in the Czech Republic.

The building is situated along a golf course in the Oaks Prague Development, and is bounded by a mix of low-rise villas and townhouses on three sides and by a large public park to the north.  The design of the project seeks to be sensitive to its surroundings, as well as to enhance its immediate and future context.

The composition consists of a series of individual units connected by stairs and paved paths. This parti breaks down the mass of the apartment building into smaller volumes, minimizing the visual impact of the structure on the site and addressing the scale of the adjacent residential fabric. This geometry is also inspired by the local village typologies, which are often comprised of several smaller units connected by a linear path or road.  The building’s orientation emphasizes views, giving each unit extensive panoramas of the golf course and surrounding landscape, while also maximizing communal greenspace in the form of an interior courtyard that virtually extends the fairway up to the residential units.

Throughout, the building is distinguished by its elegant and rich material palette.  Stone walls anchor the site contours and bound outdoor terraces, gray sandstone paving links indoor and outdoor spaces, and sliding and folding timber panels act as privacy screens—all evoking a sense of material warmth and softness, casting an interplay of shadows and providing layered visual effects.