Tianjin Villa

A stunning residence on its own private island designed to be the highlight of an exclusive development.

This proposed residence is located on a secluded site within the Tianjin Shining Star Group’s Development known as “The World,” which also includes the Tianjin Hotel designed by Meier Partners. The villa is designed to generously accommodate both public functions and private dwelling, as well as guest facilities and a pool house. The building’s architecture is characterized by elegant undulating forms juxtaposed with strong geometric volumes.

A sculptural stair is located within the dramatic entry area of the villa. The program for the first two floors is dedicated to entertaining and business functions, accommodating gatherings on a variety of scales. The third floor contains the more private areas such as the family dining area, kitchen, children’s bedrooms, family room and a large terrace with a bamboo grove. The master bedroom suite is a penthouse with panoramic views located on the top floor. An indoor pool and guest house frame the residence and anchor the site at the east end of the island, while on the south side of the site, a tranquil minimalist-style tea house floats on a large infinity-edged reflecting pool.

The formal living room on the first floor is bathed in light streaming in from the double-height glazing, which also captures stunning water views. This space is continuously animated by the play of light and shadow, an effect that is carefully balanced throughout the villa, as the design of each space responds to both the nature of its use and the advantages of its site.